Will the Foundation help to finance my journey?

The Ted Simon Foundation does not provide direct financial assistance for individual journeys. However, we offer support and guidance to selected Jupiter’s Travellers through our various programs and initiatives.

What sort of information should I provide when describing my journey on the application form?

When completing the application form, we encourage applicants to provide detailed information about their proposed journey, including its purpose, route, anticipated challenges, and potential impact. Additionally, applicants should highlight how their journey aligns with the Foundation’s mission of promoting global understanding through personal adventure.

Does Ted Simon personally review Jupiter’s Traveller applications?

While Ted Simon may not personally review every application, each submission is carefully considered by our dedicated team of reviewers and advisors.

I plan to travel with my partner/friend/in a group rather than on my own. Can I still apply to become a Jupiter’s Traveller?

Yes, the Foundation welcomes applications from individuals traveling in pairs, groups, or with companions. We believe that shared experiences can also lead to profound insights and meaningful contributions to our mission.

How does the Foundation support Jupiter’s Travellers?

The Foundation supports Jupiter’s Travellers through various means, including mentorship, networking opportunities, publicity, and access to resources and expertise. Additionally, selected travellers may receive grants or other forms of assistance to help realize their projects and initiatives.

Does the Foundation only support people who travel by motorcycle?

While Ted Simon’s own journey was undertaken on a motorcycle, the Foundation welcomes travellers of all modes of transportation, including but not limited to motorcycles. We value diverse experiences and perspectives, regardless of the means of travel.

Does the Foundation support travellers who are not US citizens?

Yes, the Foundation is committed to supporting travellers from around the world, regardless of nationality or citizenship.

English isn’t my native tongue. Does the Foundation support non-English language projects?

Yes, the Foundation recognizes the importance of diverse cultural perspectives and welcomes projects in languages other than English.

My Jupiter’s Traveller application was rejected by the Foundation. Can I re-apply?

Yes, applicants are welcome to re-apply if their initial application is not successful. We encourage applicants to carefully review our guidelines and provide thorough and compelling proposals.

I’ve submitted an application to become a Jupiter’s Traveller, but haven’t received a response from the Foundation.

We strive to review and respond to applications in a timely manner. If you have not received a response within the specified timeframe, please feel free to contact us for an update on the status of your application.