In a time of unprecedented global upheaval, we find ourselves grappling with the weight of oppressive regimes and the inevitability of new conflicts. Environmental degradation looms over our future, while immediate threats like food insecurity persist. Amidst this turmoil, pervasive ignorance nurtures extreme ideologies that tear at the fabric of our societies, hindering rational decision-making for the betterment of humanity and our planet.

Nurturing Understanding Amidst Chaos

Yet, amidst these challenges lies fertile ground for those who seek to comprehend the beauty, mystery, and tragedy of our world. Throughout our experiences, we’ve found that no traveler returns home bearing a message of hatred. We firmly believe that individuals of goodwill, immersing themselves in foreign cultures and embracing the beliefs of strangers, play a vital role in fostering global understanding.

The Birth of the Ted Simon Foundation

It is this conviction that inspired the creation of the Ted Simon Foundation. Ted Simon’s accounts of his solitary motorcycle expeditions continue to inspire a new generation of travelers, prompting them to explore the world and their own place within it through personal odysseys.

Our Mission

The mission of the Foundation is clear: to encourage and support travelers in transforming their observations and insights into contributions that enrich the global community, regardless of their chosen medium of expression.

Welcoming Diversity

While we have a penchant for solo travelers, recognizing the unparalleled opportunities for connection and communication they possess, we welcome individuals of all backgrounds and modes of travel. Our doors are open to adventurers from every corner of the globe, not limited to motorcyclists alone.

Our Support Network

The Foundation’s endeavors are bolstered by:

  • A Committee of Advisors: Comprising experts in publishing, photography, film, music, art, and performance, whose talents and expertise guide our initiatives.
  • Digital Outreach: Through our website and social channels, we raise awareness about the projects we support and celebrate the journeys of Jupiter’s Travelers.
  • Media and Event Partnerships: Extending our reach and amplifying our message, these partnerships help us broaden our impact on a global scale.

In a world rife with uncertainty, the Ted Simon Foundation stands as a beacon of hope, championing the power of exploration, understanding, and creative expression to transcend barriers and unite humanity.