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Ted Simon"A long time ago I heard Truman Capote describe his idea of a short story as, "a scrap of lightning that briefly illuminates the landscape." The image is so vivid that it has stuck with me over many decades, and I can't think of a better model for Journey Insights. Ideally they should be short and unpretentious. They should deal with a single event such as an incident, a meeting, a confrontation, a revelation, but within the telling there should be something that illuminates the landscape, and that landscape could be the local environment or culture, the journey of which it is part, or it could be the human condition. Some Insights may stray a long way from this prescription, but whatever it is it must be simple, honest and genuine, and to write something honest and genuine is already a triumph."
Ted Simon (2012)

November 12, 2013in All, Asia, Film, Jon Beardmore

People of the Silk Road

Looking back on his experience of travelling the Silk Road en route to China, Jupiter's Traveller Jon Beardmore remembers the welcoming hospitality of the people and asks why we allow the media to fuel our fear of the unknown. View Insight
September 5, 2013in Africa, All, Jo Rust, Middle East

Egypt: Still Open for Business

When Ted Simon travelled through North Africa in 1973, he was riding towards an Egypt in the grip of crisis. 40 years on, Jupiter's Traveller Jo Rust is travelling through Egypt during another troubled time in the country's history. Amid protests and heightened security, she discovers undiminished hospitality and how life carries on for ordinary Egyptians. View Insight
June 26, 2013in All, Jay Kannaiyan, Publishing

As One Journey Ends, Another Begins

Jay Kannaiyan reflects on reaching the end of his motorcycle journey from Chicago to New Delhi and how what he's learned along the way gives him the confidence to begin a new journey to inspire others. View Insight
November 10, 2012in All, Danielle Murdoch, Iran

Islamic Dress Etiquette

Sharing her experience of travelling through Iran by motorcycle, Danielle Murdoch offers a women's guide to dress etiquette in Islamic countries. View Insight
October 22, 2012in All, Asia, Daniel Rintz, Film

Somewhere Else Tomorrow

Daniel Rintz is trying to complete the documentary film about his life-changing journey from Germany to New Zealand. Find out more about this exciting project and how you can support it. View Insight

Far Away Hills

Merv and Sarah Colton put the concept of adventure into perspective as they travel through Argentina. View Insight
September 21, 2012in AdventureTrio, USA

Life And All Its Lessons

After their Great Divide ride gets off to an inauspicious start, Sandy, Terry and Jack Borden discover how a change in perspective can rescue triumph from the jaws of defeat. View Insight
September 18, 2012in AdventureTrio, All, USA

Did We Forget Something?

" be able to spend uninterrupted time together as a family, to show Jack the world beyond the usual, to meet the people you would never meet unless you take the road less travelled.  That is why we're out there." View Insight

Riding The Fence Line

Exploring the border between Arizona and Mexico on horseback, Bob Clark finds himself unprepared for the "wall mentality" and questions the motivation for barrier construction. View Insight

Borderline Prescription

Bob Clark offers some perspective on what cross-border consumerism says about the state of the nation. View Insight

Francisco Coronado

The Huachuca Mountains have been a challenge to explorers and migrants alike for hundred of years. Bob Clark highlights the modern-day barriers facing would-be immigrants. View Insight

Not Easy Being Legal

Crossing into Mexico on the Jupiter Discovery Ride, Bob Clark experiences tight security at the border and learns about the reality of daily life for legal migrant workers. View Insight
Journey Insights