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September 5, 2013 in Africa, All, Jo Rust, Middle East

Egypt: Still Open for Business

When Ted Simon travelled through North Africa in 1973, he was riding towards an Egypt in the grip of crisis. 40 years on, Jupiter's Traveller Jo Rust is travelling through Egypt during another troubled time in the country's history. Amid protests and heightened security, she discovers undiminished hospitality and how life carries on for ordinary Egyptians. View Insight

A Picture Paints A 1,000 Words

Merv Colton shares a glimpse into the timeless backstreets of Morocco where the absence of a common language is no barrier to trust and mutual understanding. View Insight
February 2, 2012 in Africa, All, Jay Kannaiyan, South America

Why I Travel Solo

A lot about riding has to do with individual preference - the bike you choose, the roads you travel, the company you keep. Here's Jay Kannaiyan's take on the joys of travelling solo. View Insight