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The Lagunas Route

In the southwest of Bolivia, the Andes are at their wildest.
There are numerous 20,000 ft peaks and they're all active volcanoes.
Wide, open spaces, 4,000 meters higher than the oceans.
The wind lets his presence be known, pushing and cradling.
The temperatures are shy, testing all warm-blooded beings.
Inhospitable, it may be, but beauty cares not.
Stark, vast, epic landscapes open the mind.

There is a route, that forges the high peaks,
crossing a Sahara in the sky.
It traverses rocky tracks, beaten by the wind into sand.
This path through wilderness,
connects that most quintessential drug, water.
Alas, they are saline lakes, with the power to draw humans.
And the algae in them draws flamingoes.

At the end of 2010, I packed up my courage,
along with fuel, water and food,
and set off into the 500 km track.
Choosing to tackle it solo,
caution was in the air, for help was far.
It tested my mettle, bringing up my skills,
of riding endless sand and deep corrugations.
The mountain gods were pleased,
and blessed me with no incidents.
I soaked it in, the chill to my bones,
the warmth from underground magma,
and respected the force of nature.

Let's go along for the ride...

Click here to see the photostory from this leg.

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