October 22, 2012 in All, Asia, Daniel Rintz, Film

Somewhere Else Tomorrow

2-Wheels 1-World 0-Money

War zone borders, engine trouble and the difficulties of making money to survive couldn't outweigh the thrill of adventure and discovery I encountered while motorcycling around the world for two and a half years.

Fearing stagnation and worried about getting tangled up in a boring job out of university, I attempt the greatest challenge I can think of: traveling around the world - without money. Instead of wasting precious time saving up for the trip, I hastily decided to make money along the way by picking up random jobs - an idea that would make my journey much more challenging and dangerous than I thought.

Out of the hardship trying to survive comes a story of true freedom and a better global understanding. A story which taps into current feelings of unrest, disillusionment and disconnection. It's about having the courage to follow your instincts, no matter how crazy they seem, and what you can accomplish when you stop trying to control things and let go of your fears.

Being a film-maker, I wanted to make a 70-90 minute documentary about the journey, right from the beginning. I wanted it to be entertaining as much as educational and with a feature-film feel. Adventure stories are important to me: there's something primal about it, I never get tired of them. The amount of footage accumulated on this adventure and the liberty under which it was taken is unprecedented. The adventure side is, however, only the surface of the story, since it is the framework and catalyst for the significant transitions I went through, including self- discovery, spirituality and peacefulness.

How were these transitions brought about? We are all a product of our environment, but what if the environment changes all the time - to an extreme extent? What if you are asked in all seriousness to marry someone's under-age daughter only to help a family out of one undesirable world into another, which in this case would have been a European refugee camp. What if you're only way to get where you want is to cross the Himalayas in winter? What if your bike breaks down (once in 15 years that you own it) in a hot-spot where you were planning to not stop, not even for taking a pee?

I had to work very hard to make enough to survive and continue my quest. Every single dollar I made went directly into covering another mile. I was vulnerable in so many ways, no security, no preparing for the future (retirement fund), no decent health care, no support team, no sponsor and no budget to buy my way out of tight situations. But all I cared about was the experience and TO SHARE IT. I believe that the more individuals have first-hand experiences with foreign cultures, traditions and beliefs, the more tolerant and peaceful our world can become. My film's aim is to inspire and provoke people to go and discover the world outside their comfort zone, to be free and immersed in other ways of life.

I will continue to work very hard to finish this awesome, entertaining and hopefully even educational film that I hope you will enjoy watching.

Check out the trailer and perhaps, if you like it, show your support by contributing directly to the post-production costs.

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