Far Away Hills

We have all thought it. That far away hills are greener. Many of us dream of making great adventurous trips all round the world to find these superb places that are so much more interesting than our little patch of the planet.

Some of us are lucky enough to make such journeys, but as Sarah and I travel through South America we met a man very happy with his own green hills.

You see, Klaus has lived in Argentina for over 60 years, and guess where he goes on his trips? Argentina. Klaus has owned their camper for 30 years, and he and his wife have explored every nook and cranny of Argentina. Argentina is a pretty big place, so it was no surprise to learn they had done 650,000km on these trips. It really made us realize that the few months we had planned to "See" Argentina is really just scratching the surface.

So, when you dream of making a big trip to see the world, but are not quite ready to go yet, go check out your own green hill. You might be surprised.

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