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Ted Simon"A long time ago I heard Truman Capote describe his idea of a short story as, "a scrap of lightning that briefly illuminates the landscape." The image is so vivid that it has stuck with me over many decades, and I can't think of a better model for Journey Insights. Ideally they should be short and unpretentious. They should deal with a single event such as an incident, a meeting, a confrontation, a revelation, but within the telling there should be something that illuminates the landscape, and that landscape could be the local environment or culture, the journey of which it is part, or it could be the human condition. Some Insights may stray a long way from this prescription, but whatever it is it must be simple, honest and genuine, and to write something honest and genuine is already a triumph."
Ted Simon (2012)

Stranger In A Strange Land

In the first 'on-the-road' Journey Insight of the 2012 Jupiter Discovery Ride, Bob Clark reveals some of California's more surprising landscapes and the impact of water management on its immigrant population. View Insight

Chance To Share. Chance To See.

Sharing images of Tibetan and Uyghur families, Eleanor Moseman explains what drives her to explore remote and forbidden cultures by bicycle, and how the experience has changed her perspective. View Insight

The Road Not Taken

With some interesting historical context, Bob Clark scratches beneath the surface of immigration along the Arizona-Mexico border and discovers school censorship and an alarming death toll. View Insight

Show Me Your Papers

Setting the scene for his Jupiter Discovery Ride in May, Bob Clark considers how new immigration legislation in Arizona could impact on one of the oldest traditions in medicine. View Insight
April 22, 2012in All, Asia, Geoff Thomas

In the Shadow of the Tiger

Geoff Thomas reflects on how his choice of motorcycle affected his understanding of the communities he travelled through and why less is so often more. View Insight

Unexpected Consequences

Echoing the value of "interruptions", Harry Lyon-Smith recounts the chain of cause and effect that connected an unreliable motorcycle with the kindness of strangers. View Insight

A Picture Paints A 1,000 Words

Merv Colton shares a glimpse into the timeless backstreets of Morocco where the absence of a common language is no barrier to trust and mutual understanding. View Insight

My Father's Voice

In this touching memoir, Bernard Smith reflects on the emotional impact of a detour through Kanchanaburi Province in Thailand to seek out the infamous Bridge over the River Kwai. View Insight
February 17, 2012in All, Central America, Robert Wells

The Poverty Paradox

The experience of travelling in Guatemala and Hondurus has helped Robert Wells develop a new perspective on the relationship between wealth and happiness. In this article, he questions our conventional assumptions about poverty. View Insight
February 13, 2012in All, Film, Jay Kannaiyan, Poetry, South America

The Lagunas Route

"Stark, vast, epic landscapes open the mind." A poem and video by Jay Kannaiyan about riding through the Bolivian Andes. View Insight
February 2, 2012in Africa, All, Jay Kannaiyan, South America

Why I Travel Solo

A lot about riding has to do with individual preference - the bike you choose, the roads you travel, the company you keep. Here's Jay Kannaiyan's take on the joys of travelling solo. View Insight

Baltic Underground

From the hospitality of strangers to underground art and a night in a Latvian prison cell, Claudio Gynpek experiences the diversity of the Baltic states on a journey that's full of surprises. View Insight
Journey Insights