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The 2012 Jupiter Discovery Ride: LA to Flagstaff

The 2012 Jupiter Discovery Ride: LA to Flagstaff

Discover a story. Tell the world.

The 2012 Jupiter Discovery Ride is a unique opportunity to explore the US south west and join Ted Simon in representing the Foundation at this year's Overland Expo in Arizona.

Bob Clark - 2012 Jupiter Discovery RiderFrom a wide range of applications received during March and April, the Foundation selected Bob Clark from Florida to be the 2012 Jupiter Discovery Rider. In keeping with the Foundation's principles of Exploration, Comprehension, and Communication, Bob will investigate the theme of immigration during his ride from LA to Flagstaff. He'll be writing about what he finds and supporting his story with photography and video. The Foundation will publish the material as a series of Journey Insights and Bob will also be delivering a short presentation about the trip at Overland Expo.

Courtesy of Jupiter's Motorcyles, Bob will be provided with a BMW R1200GS motorcycle for the Jupiter Discovery Ride. He'll be collecting the bike from Los Angeles on Friday 11th May and following his own route towards Flagstaff, Arizona, where he'll join the Foundation team as a VIP at Overland Expo, before making the return journey to LA.

"We are all immigrants. We have immigrant DNA in our cells. Unless you are descended from Native Americans, your forebears were immigrants to this nation. The United States is richer because of its profound immigration experience.

In Arizona, European immigration began as early as 1539, almost a century before the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock. I intend to explore the history and current geopolitics of immigration in Arizona by traveling the borderlands between Arizona and Mexico. Along the Discovery Ride, I hope to experience the rich geography of both legal and illegal immigration from Mexico into Arizona, meeting the people who have migrated here to work and live."

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Overland Expo

Overland Expo is one of the world's largest events for independent adventure travel enthusiasts, featuring seminars on overlanding and adventure motorcycling, the Adventure Travel Film Festival, roundtable discussions, practical demonstrations, food, music, and over 100 vendors of adventure equipment and services. The 2012 event is taking place near Flagstaff, Arizona, from 18th to 20th May.

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Jupiter's Motorcycles

Jupiter's Motorcycles is run by Foundation co-founder, Chris Miles, and specializes in motorcycle rentals for both local and one-way trips across the United States. Their motorcycle hire service provides the motorbike. You provide the adventure. With bases in New York City and Los Angeles, the company offers a selection of perfectly maintained BMW and Triumph motorcycles to tour anywhere in the United States. They've also pioneered a new service in the motorcycle industry called Jupiter’s MotoShare. Urban motorcycle enthusiasts can join a community of passionate riders without the upfront cost of purchasing a motorcycle, parking and the maintenance hassle that's typically involved in motorcycle ownership. Jupiter’s MotoShare is a “dream garage” and the only fractional motorcycle ownership program currently operating in the USA.