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Jupiter's Travellers

Jo Rust and Gonçalo Luz Join Jupiter's Travellers

Circumnavigating Africa and exploring Buddhist traditions in the most remote region of Ladakh are the objectives for The Ted Simon Foundation's newest Jupiter's Travellers, Gonçalo Luz and Jo Rust. Read more

Major Foundation Presence At HUBB UK Event

Ted Simon, Jupiter's Travellers and members of the Committee of Advisors will all be sharing their stories in presentations at the Horizons Unlimited HUBB UK event later this month. Read more

New Jupiter's Travellers Announced

It was Ted Simon's 82nd birthday on May 1st and partly by way of celebration the Foundation is excited to announce another seven Jupiter's Travellers. Read more

Serendipity in Malawi

Exactly a year since their first contact by email, Jupiter's Travellers Danielle Murdoch and Tony Gahegan were finally able to meet face-to-face a few days ago in Malawi. Read more

Jupiter's Travellers Meet In The Desert

Every now and then Jupiter's Travellers cross paths with one another. The last time it happened out on the road was in Kenya when Danielle Murdoch met Jay Kannaiyan and helped him celebrate his birthday. The other day, Chris Smith and Liz Peel (with their dog John) from England came across Ara Gureghian (and his ever-faithful dog Spirit) in Big Bend National Park, Texas.

Marking The Foundation's 1st Anniversary

Tomorrow, 6th October 2012, marks the first anniversary of the official launch of The Ted Simon Foundation at Coventry Transport Museum in the UK. It's also the 39th anniversary of Ted's departure from London in 1973 on the journey that would become immortalized as Jupiter's Travels. To coincide with the first anniversary we're delighted to announce that the Foundation is extending its support to a further 32 Jupiter's Travellers. Read more

The Importance of Plan B

We put our hearts and souls into getting Finding Manchester off the ground and it has taken quite a period of reflection, mourning and acceptance to get us both to the point where we can say “Ok, it’s not happening for the moment; right then, what can we make happen then?” Read more

Cycling Dreams & Silver Linings

Paul Dorr is one of the Foundation's most recent Jupiter's Travellers and will be capturing portraits of the people that live, work and die in the shadow of the Andes during a six month bicycle journey through South America. Highlighting the importance of resolve and adaptability in adventure travel, Paul explains how the end of one dream fueled his passion for an even greater one. Read more

Spring Start For New Jupiter's Travellers

As the season begins to change and we all start to look forward to fairer weather, it's a real pleasure to announce that The Ted Simon Foundation has selected another seven Jupiter's Travellers from a wide range of applications received since the beginning of the year. Read more

Finding Manchester's Lord Mayor

When we were busy picking leeches off our shins while looking for Manchester in the Bolivian Amazon, we never dreamt where it would take us. Read more