100 Jupiter's Travellers (Happy Birthday Ted)

Today, 1st May 2015, the Foundation is celebrating one wonderful milestone with another. It's Ted Simon's 84th birthday and we're announcing the selection of a dozen new Jupiter's Travellers from six countries.

The Ted Simon FoundationThe new Jupiter's Travellers are Ginamarie Austin and Michelle Lamphere from the USA, Juvena Huang from Singapore, Aileen Silvestris from Germany, Issa & Nita Breibish from Canada, Katie Jennings, Deb Cox & Lee "Ash" Ascough and Nicola "Raz" Huxley from the UK and Tommaso Cazzaniga & Francesca Bresciani from Italy.

The Foundation is now supporting the creative endeavours of a total of 100 Jupiter's Travellers and we're looking forward to seeing many of them at Overland Expo in Arizona later this month, the Overland Event in the UK in June and other adventure travel gatherings around the world over the Summer.

On behalf of birthday boy Ted and the whole Foundation community, we're delighted to welcome the new Jupiter's Travellers and wish them every success with their journeys and projects.

New Jupiters Travellers

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