Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash

I could also call our book the "rice and beans era"... That is what it took to publish it without a crowdfunding campaign, but some kind help from people on the publishing stage.

Roseann and Jonathan Hanson from Overland Expo wrote such a wonderful article about our book and us that I have asked their permission to reproduce it here. They have agreed with much kindness, so here it is.

Just out: Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash

Many of us have long enjoyed the writing and photography of Ara Gureghian, who is almost as well-known as his canine sidecar companion, Spirit. We're happy to announce that Ara's long-awaited book, Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash, is now available—signed— through Ara's website,, or Amazon (unsigned, in both print and digital). The book is a story of a journey, of the soul and of the road:

"Sometimes life throws a curve ball and we need to catch it. It becomes a choice and turns into a commitment as it did for us. Spirit rescued me after I lost my only child Lance to liver cancer, I rescued him two days away from euthanasia, and together we rode and camped full time throughout this beautiful country looking for answers. Some I found, others not. Mother Nature became our mistress taking us on her path while we chased that illusive ball. For eight years we have honed and sharpened our senses discovering Spirituality unlike any other. Living on the road becomes an addiction as every morning brings on a new discovered stage. Through these pages lie those years, but we are not yet done."

A freezing day in the Texas Desert

Destined to become a classic in the genre, don't miss ordering this book for your summer reading list.


Thank You to the many who have supported us for these past eight years on the road. We are just starting! It feels like it. What is time?

Ara and Spirit

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