8 New Jupiter's Travellers Announced

To mark the anniversary of the start of Jupiter's Travels 40 years ago today, the Foundation is very pleased to announce eight new Jupiter's Travellers.

The Ted Simon FoundationJon Beardmore, from the UK, is currently in India en route around the world in his 4x4. Johnny Hubbard, from the USA, is motorcycling through Belize on his way to South America, and South African couple Michnus and Elsebie Olivier have already ridden the length of Africa and are now enjoying the roads of Europe.

Meanwhile João Fernandes, from Portugal, Nick and Claire Marr, from the UK, and António Nogueira, also from Portugal, are all preparing for fascinating journeys that will begin in 2014.

On behalf of Ted and the whole Foundation community, we welcome the new Jupiter's Travellers and wish them every success in their travelling and creative endeavours.

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