Partnership with Sidetracked Magazine

Sidetracked is the latest adventure travel publication to partner with the Foundation, extending our global reach and helping to share the experiences of our Jupiter's Travellers.

The Foundation is honoured to announce Sidetracked magazine, dubbed, "the highest quality magazine of its kind," by Executive Director, Iain Harper, as an official media partner.

SidetrackedSidetracked was first devised by John Summerton in 2011 and published its 11th edition last week. Jupiter's Traveller, Jamie Maddison, is one of the editors of the magazine.

"Sidetracked Magazine is an online journal featuring a limited collection of personal stories of travel, journeys and expeditions. The concept is simple: to capture the emotion and experience of adventures and expeditions throughout the world... and to inspire," explains John. “Adventure doesn’t have to be in huge mountains or the bottom of the ocean and can be a simple encounter with life outside your comfort zones – the stories in Sidetracked encompass all."

Commenting on the partnership with the Foundation, John said, "I think Sidetracked could be a great avenue for sharing the stories and photos from the Jupiter's Travellers and we'd do all we can to raise awareness and the profile of the Foundation."

Sidetracked joins the dozen other media and event partners already working with the Foundation, which include Adventure Motorcycle Magazine, Horizons Unlimited, Outland Moto Magazine, TREVL in Portugal, MTM India, Endeavour 360 and Overland Magazine.

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