Ashes to Boonville by Geoff Thomas

Ashes to Boonville was published earlier this month, making Geoff Thomas the latest Jupiter's Traveller to share a unique story of adventure and the discovery of an unexpected world.

Ashes to Boonville by Geoff Thomas"Ashes to Boonville is a winner. It's refreshing to read something so well written," said Ted Simon after reviewing a draft manuscript back in February. Ted never gives such glowing praise lightly, so it speaks volumes for the quality of Geoff Thomas's storytelling achievement.

Ashes to Boonville charts Geoff's remarkable round-the-world motorcycle journey through Europe, the Balkans, Turkey, Russia and the Siberian wilderness en route to Southeast Asia and eventually Boonville, California. Many travellers have followed a similar route before, but few, if any, have done so with such an unusual and very personal purpose fuelling their journeys.

In his foreword for Ashes to Boonville, Foundation Advisor, Sam Manicom, says, "Geoff Thomas introduces you to the lands and people along the way with vivid descriptions and a refreshingly openhearted manner. You'll discover a warm and unique thread woven through this story, a thread that will constantly tug at your heart strings. Anyone interested in travel, motorcycles, stretching boundaries and the beauty of this world will love this book."

Jupiter's Traveller Geoff ThomasA former motorcycle despatch rider in London, Geoff is from the north-east of England and Ashes to Boonville is the first book in his Poor Circulation trilogy.

Jupiter's Travels is credited with being part of Geoff's inspiration to travel around the world. "It was the first book that I'd ever read on a voluntary basis," comments Geoff in chapter one, " I'd turned the final page I'd realised that my destiny had changed." Some 30 years after that final page was turned, "the randomly orbiting planets of Circumstance and Opportunity," aligned to make Geoff's journey a reality.

Executive Director of the Foundation, Iain Harper, called Ashes to Boonville, "Unconventional, witty, engaging, moving and insightful. More than just a great story that's a pleasure to read, Ashes to Boonville is a fine example of adventure travel writing that other Jupiter's Travellers with publishing ambitions could learn much from."

Ashes to Boonville is available in paperback from Boonville's very own Laughing Dog Books as well as and, with a Kindle version due for release in the coming weeks.
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