Dave Cornthwaite Joins Advisors

The Ted Simon Foundation is proud to announce that British adventurer and author, Dave Cornthwaite, has joined the Committee of Advisors.

Dave CornthwaiteDave Cornthwaite is the author of three successful books and has been described as the most tenacious adventurer in the world.

Among many other remarkable human-powered expeditions, Dave has skateboarded across Australia from Perth to Brisbane, sailed across the Pacific, paddleboarded the length of the Mississippi, kayaked the Murray River from source to sea, pedalled a BikeCar from Memphis to Miami and swum over 1,000 miles down the Missouri.

"I thought you'd be taller was almost the first thing I said to Dave when I met him," said Executive Director, Iain Harper, "which doesn't rate among my more polite introductions. No disrespect was intended of course. It's just too easy to expect a person's physical stature to match their achievements, especially when they involve apparently super-human feats of endurance. Dave could be 7' tall and I might still have said the same thing. Fortunately, Dave laughed-off my faux-pas and I'm delighted that he's volunteered to lend his experience to the Foundation as an Advisor."

The Committee of Advisors are all veteran adventurers with specific expertise in publishing, film-making and photography. They provide advice and mentoring to the Foundation's Jupiter's Travellers to help them share their insights with as wide an audience as possible.

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