New Membership Scheme Launched

The Ted Simon Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of Jupiter's Companions, our exciting new membership scheme for individuals.

Jupiter's CompanionsJupiter's Companions is aimed at individuals who share the principles of the Foundation and want to help us cast some insightful and objective light on what's happening in the world.

The new scheme is open to people from all nations and provides the opportunity to support the creative projects developed by our Jupiter's Travellers.

For a monthly subscription of only $8, joining the Foundation as a Jupiter's Companion offers a number of unique benefits, including privileged access to the private discussion forum used by Jupiter's Travellers and our Committee of Advisors, plus the chance to have your own stories of exploration and discovery published in the Journey Insights online magazine.

Visit the Jupiter's Companions page to learn more about how you can become a member of the Foundation.

A separate scheme for businesses, called Jupiter's Angels, will be launching in a few weeks.

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