Marking The Foundation's 1st Anniversary

The Ted Simon FoundationTomorrow, 6th October 2012, marks the first anniversary of the official launch of The Ted Simon Foundation at Coventry Transport Museum in the UK. It's also the 39th anniversary of Ted's departure from London in 1973 on the journey that would become immortalized as Jupiter's Travels.

We'd like to thank everyone who's shown their support for the Foundation over the last year, particularly our Advisors and of course the Jupiter's Travellers for whom so much has been happening.

Bernard and Cathy Smith succeeded in publishing their book Touching The World (and they got married!), Dom Giles has completed the first draft of his manuscript, Daniel Rintz has produced a superb film about the first part of his round-the-world journey, Heather Ellis is making great progress with her book, and Jay Kannaiyan and Danielle Murdoch met up when their paths crossed in Africa. Some of the travellers are just setting out, like Adam Barone riding south through the Americas, Joel Burdall walking from the UK to Russia, and Henry Nottage riding a classic bike around the world, while others such as photographer Eleanor Moseman are reaching the end of their current adventures and beginning to plan for the future.

We've been consistently humbled by the enthusiasm people have shown for becoming a Jupiter's Traveller and the number of applications has often been quite overwhelming. Sadly we haven't been able to accept every application, but to coincide with the first anniversary we're delighted to announce that the Foundation is extending its support to a further 32 Jupiter's Travellers:

Ara Gureghian & Spirit (USA), John Florea & Ana Hogas (Romania), Pat McCarthy (UK), Tony Gahegan (UK), Mike Valeriani (UK), Elias Vrohidis (Greece), Lauren Cook & Brant Haflich (USA), Brad, Nina & Tilly Bradshaw (UK), Sheelah Turner & Oyvind Helgerud (UK) who are departing on their journey to Cape Town on Sunday, Matt & Liz Fox (UK), Elijah Hurwitz (USA), Brian Perich (Canada/South Korea), Mike & Alanna Clear (UK), Morrigan McCarthy & Alan Winslow (USA), Peter Gostelow (UK), Ryan Spencer (USA), Pascal Leclerc (Hong Kong), Moin Khan (Pakistan), Eimhin Hawes (Ireland), Jon Slade (UK), Emily Chappell (UK), and Louise Wilson & David Hubert (UK). Profiles for them all will be added to the website in the coming weeks.

The response to the early development of the Foundation has been wonderfully positive, although one bit of feedback we've received is that the mission, or purpose, of the Foundation isn't clear to everyone. With a view to resolving that issue, we'll be updating the website based on this revised definition written by Ted Simon in the last few weeks:

Travellers survive and flourish by adapting to the world around them. As a result they learn a particular truth about the societies they move through. What they learn can be of great value in explaining the peculiarities of foreign cultures and in reaffirming what is common to all of us; generosity to strangers and a desire to live in peace. The purpose of the Foundation is to bring those truths to the general public, to counter the generalisations of the media, and to remind us all that life is lived family by family, mile by mile, regardless of the great issues which may be dominating the news.

We believe that all travellers have it in them to be reporters of truth in the world, and we want to encourage them to broadcast that truth by whatever means may be appropriate. The honest personal experiences of perceptive observers have great power to remind us that we all share this world. Our ultimate aim is to promote understanding, reduce tension and to favour the chances of peace in our world.

As we begin our second year with 74 Jupiter's Travellers, we're looking forward to announcing some new partnerships and new ways you can support the Foundation in the very near future.

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