Roger Chao Joins Committee of Advisors

The Foundation is pleased to announce writer and film-maker, Roger Chao, as a new member of the Committee of Advisors.

Roger ChaoRoger is an accomplished mountaineer, white water kayaker, caver, rock climber, polar expeditioner, backcountry skier, bike tourer, and hiker. He is also a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and the Vice Chairman of the Australian and New Zealand Chapter of the Explorers Club.

In 2006, Roger was awarded the prestigious Young Adventurer of the Year medal by the Australian Geographic Society for leading a world first expedition in South-West Tasmania, and in 2007 he became the youngest person to cross the Greenland Icecap from East to West unsupported and unaided, facing temperatures below -40C and winds of over 150km/ph, towing a 100kg sled behind him to explore the effects of global warming in polar regions, for which he was elected as a member of the New York Explorers Club. He is now a member of the club’s executive committee.

In 2010, Roger completed a 12-month expedition riding through Central Asia on a specially designed pedal powered recumbent quad bike, passing through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Xinjiang, towing a 200kg load and braving 60-degree deserts, minus 50 degree winters, and high altitude mountain passes.

Foundation Advisors offer Jupiter's Travellers the benefit of their considerable experience and expertise with advice and mentoring, and we'd like to thank Roger for supporting the Foundation by volunteering his time on the Committee.

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