And The Winner Is...

For the past few weeks we've been inviting Twitter users to take part in a contest to win a copy of The World's Great Adventure Motorcycle Routes by tweeting their answer to the following question with the #journeyinsights hashtag...

What role does adventure travel play
in helping to illuminate the world?

We were delighted by all the entries received, every one of which expressed wonderful sentiment and insight, but after much deliberation we're pleased to announce Steve Freeman (@guzzibrat) as the contest winner. His entry was very simple, but we felt it answered the question most succinctly...

Common factors with different people. Optimism and hope. Simplest Communication. Meeting hearts and minds.

The World's Great Adventure Motorcycle Routes by Robert WicksSteve will be receiving a copy of Robert Wicks' new book, The World's Great Adventure Motorcycle Routes, in the next few days.

" exciting guide to more than 30 of the world's best journeys for adventure motorcyclists and other travellers. With top-class photography and detailed maps, the coverage for each route features a first-hand account from someone who has made the trip, together with a variety of practical advice."

Contributors include several Foundation Advisors and Jupiter's Travellers.

The Foundation retweeted as many contest entries as possible, but here's a small selection...


Adventure travel forces you to shine a light onto your own perception and understanding of the world that you once believed.

Jewels of experience can be found in small towns and out of the way places, producing some of the most meaningful travel.

Nothing connects me to people, places & the Earth, & nothing helps me understand & *love* humans, like adventure travel.

Adventure travel enhances the elusive ability to live in the moment.

Maps show us the way but adventure traveling shows us the life in the way.

Our thanks to everyone who took part in the contest, and congratulations to Steve for his winning entry.

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