Cycling Dreams & Silver Linings

Paul Dorr is one of the Foundation's most recent Jupiter's Travellers and will be capturing portraits of the people that live, work and die in the shadow of the Andes during a six month bicycle journey through South America. Highlighting the importance of resolve and adaptability in adventure travel, Paul explains how the end of one dream fueled his passion for an even greater one...

Paul DorrLife can be funny.  Well, at least ironic.  Less than two weeks ago, on my birthday, I was informed that my application to become a Jupiter's Traveller was accepted. This only added to the excitement of planning for my future trip; a bicycle ride from Bogota, Columbia, to Ushuaia, Argentina.

I decided to celebrate both this great news and my birthday by going out for dinner.  After enjoying a wonderful meal I stepped outside only to find that my touring bicycle had been stolen.

You can just imagine how I felt. Walking on air one moment and near tears the next. Reports to the police were made within minutes and the next day I informed all the local bike shops. I was told that the chances of seeing the bike again were not good.

After a fitful night's sleep, I awoke hoping that it was just a bad dream. No, my bicycle was gone and with it my future travel plans. Reduced to being a pedestrian, I walked around town and slowly a new plan formed in my head.

Gone but not forgottenThe thieves had stolen my bike, but I'd be damned if they'd steal my dream.

The new plan is to mount my new bicycle in October and ride from my front door in Rockland, Maine, to Tierra del Fuego - an addition of a few thousand miles to my original plan.

I'll still be documenting the journey and have a goal of shooting a minimum of one 4x5 portrait per day.

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