British Adventurer Sarah Outen Joins Jupiter's Travellers

The Foundation confirmed today that Sarah Outen, from Oakham in the UK, is the latest adventurer to become a Jupiter's Traveller.

Sarah OutenIn 2009 Sarah rowed solo across the Indian Ocean from Australia to Mauritius, and subsequently wrote a book called A Dip in the Ocean: Rowing solo across the Indian.

It was while out at sea that I conceived my current journey, London2London:Via the World. I wanted to spend more time at sea - to find more stories about the ocean and what it is like to be so intimately connected with it in a small rowing boat - and also to travel across the green parts of the globe too, meeting people and cultures and seeing how landscapes change across a country. I set out with the aim of sharing my journey both as I travel and also documenting it for, I hope, a book, documentary and more talks afterwards.
One of the unique features of Sarah's journey is that she gives talks for schools via satellite phone or Skype and her website includes a Schools' HQ with a collection of geography and science resources that link the journey into the primary curriculum.

Sarah set off from London on April 1st 2011 and hopes to complete the journey in September 2013 after pedaling, paddling and rowing across three continents and two oceans. Having arrived in Tokyo in November 2011, Sarah is currently preparing for the next phase of her epic round-the-world adventure, which will begin in April: rowing solo across the Pacific to Canada.

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