Foundation marks 2012 New Year with announcement of 12 new Jupiter's Travellers

The Ted Simon Foundation is delighted to begin the New Year with the announcement that 12 more independent adventurers have been selected as Jupiter's Travellers. They join the 16 unveiled at the Foundation's launch on October 6th last year, and will benefit from mentoring relationships with the Foundation's Committee of Advisors.

12 New Jupiter's TravellersComprising writers, photographers, and film-makers, and including cyclists, canoeists, and motorcyclists (one of whom is riding a bio-diesel bike), the new Jupiter's Travellers are:

- Adam Barone (USA)
- Joel Burdall (UK)
- Damien Fauchot (Canada)
- Richard Harpham & Glenn Charles (UK/USA)
- Richard Jeynes (UK)
- Jay Kannaiyan (India)
- Helen Lloyd (UK)
- Harry Lyon-Smith (UK)
- Sherrie McCarthy (Canada)
- Eleanor Moseman (China)
- Daniel Rintz (Germany)
- Chris Smith & Liz Peel (UK)

We'd like to offer our very best wishes for the forthcoming year to all the Jupiter's Travellers and everyone who's supported the Foundation during recent months.
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