Devil In The Detail On The Redwood Highway

Ted Simon on the Redwood HighwayWe had a great bunch of people assembled at the Benbow Inn on Sunday. I forgot to count them, but there must have been 20 or more, on a fine array of diverse machines.

I told them that I was going to lead the pack, and I threatened them with severe consequences if they overtook me. Two of them did, and the heavens were not merciful. One of them broke down at the 162 turn-off, and the other expiated his sins by filling my tank with supreme at his expense. We gotta keep a tight ship.

The ride over the pass from the freeway to my eyrie is 30 miles of lovely twisty road, with doom lurking over the edge, and we all made it without incident. Being in a forgetful mood generally (nothing to do with age, of course) I forgot  to think about what would happen when this small armada descended on my patch, and soon all the available space was littered with bikes, so there was some cleaning up to do, before we got down to business.

The first item of business consisted mainly of eating pulled pork on buns. Maybe you have always known what that is. To me it was a mystery. My friend Mona who wanted to provide this meal said she had been pulling pork since her infancy, so I left her alone. As for buns, this is an aspect of American culture I have never been comfortable with. Why buns? Why not bread? Oh well! Nobody complained.

Then there was beer, and finally we gathered everyone in the shade under the big oak while i tried to explain to them why they were there.

One of them, Lyle Gunderson, was kind enough later to share his account on Facebook of what he understood from my little speech, and I think he puts it very well, so here it is:

Ted, I appreciated your explanation of the Foundation's mission and the story of its creation. Let me see if I got it right. The media (CNN, Time Magazine, etc.) present a version of the world out there that is adapted to suit their interests, but which is spread very broadly. Solo adventurers (motorcyclists and others) who immerse themselves in other places see how things really are in those places, because of their on-the-ground perspective, but can carry that truth to a limited number of others. The Foundation seeks to enable those solo voices to spread the truth of what they have experienced to a wider audience, with the ultimate cumulative effect of making the world a better, more peaceful place. Is that close?

Yes, it's close. The devil is in the detail. How do we get people to express themselves so well, that thousands of others will want to read or view what they've done? We will offer expert help and advice to those who we feel could bring this off. We have a great bunch of advisors already, willing to share their expertise. We'll be announcing who they are at the big launch event in the UK on October 6th.

So the great experiment begins.

Later we all gave ourselves over to fun and games, mostly to do with emptying bottles.

We must definitely do this again.

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