First Auction Lots Revealed

As part of the launch event on 6th October at Coventry Transport Museum, a special fundraising auction will take place to support the work of the Foundation.

Austin Vince will be acting as auctioneer and we're very pleased to announce that the first confirmed auction lots are one of Ted Simon's helmets from his original Jupiter's Travels journey in the '70s and Austin's trademark white overalls from Terra Circa.

Helmet from Jupiter's Travels

Ted Simon began Jupiter's Travels with a white helmet, which he swapped with Marcio Grise in Brazil.

Then later, in Los Angeles, Ted was given a new helmet by Triumph, which he wore throughout the second half of his round-the-world journey.

It's that third helmet, in Triumph's red, white and blue racing colours of the time, that he's donating to the auction and will be happy to sign.

The lining is gone, the paintwork is scratched, and the visor has long since been lost, but this is a unique chance to buy an historic piece of Jupiter's Travels memorabilia.

Austin Vince's Terra Circa Overalls

Austin Vince is a veteran round-the-world motorcycle adventurer and an accomplished film-maker.

An enthusiastic proponent of lightweight budget travel, and co-creator of the Adventure Travel Film Festival, he is best known for Mondo Enduro in the '90s and Terra Circa in 2001.

The Terra Circa journey was the first to successfully traverse the Russian continent by motorcycle, via the infamous 'Zilov Gap', without using the train.

The trademark white overalls, worn by Austin during Terra Circa, were purchased in Japan in October 2001 and will be signed by Austin, Ted, and the other adventure travellers attending the launch.

More auction lots will be announced during the coming weeks, along with further details of how the auction will be conducted.

For the opportunity to take part in the auction, click here to purchase tickets for the launch event via TicketLeap.
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