80 Years of Interruptions

Ted Simon (photo courtesy of Lisa Keating

Ted Simon celebrated his 80th birthday today with a private party for friends and family at home in Covelo, California.

Talking about his ascension to the rank of octogenarian, Ted was lighthearted about his 80 implausible years:

"Quite how my mother contrived to introduce me to the world on May the First was never explained to me. If it was by accident (and I very much doubt it) it was a happy one. People tend to remember it. When I was young, that meant more presents. These days it gives me a better excuse to have a party. This year we had a good one."

Ted is currently fully-occupied with the writing of a new book, but a celebratory ride-out is planned for some time in August. Further details will be announced during the summer.

Happy Birthday Jupiter!

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